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Make-A-Wish 2023

Warehouse One & Make-a-Wish

WISH NUMBER: 156 wishes and counting!

Each year Warehouse One partners with Make-a-Wish to grant the wishes of critically ill children

Make-A-Wish Arisha

AGE 16

Arisha is a smart 16-year-old who loves playing Minecraft, hanging out with her family, and playing all kinds of board games. She was also diagnosed with leukemia. After intense treatment, she is now in remission! The best day of Arisha’s life so far was when she got her cat, Cloudy. Arisha has always been fascinated by technological advances and loves Japanese cuisine. It came as no surprise that her most heartfelt wish is to go to Japan! When she thinks about her wish, she imagines travelling to a new country and enjoying the new experiences that come along with it.

Make-A-Wish Weston


Meet Weston, the adventurous 7-year-old with a heart full of laughter. Despite his battle with leukemia, Weston’s spirit shines as bright as the sun. Weston finds joy in the little things like playing with his friends, diving into the world of books or watching his favourite TV shows. Weston’s hobbies are as diverse as his skills. Weston wishes to visit a theme park in Florida! He daydreams about meeting his favourite characters, going on all the thrilling rides, and making life-long memories with his family.

Make-A-Wish Ezreck

Age 9

Ezreck is a happy child who loves spending time with his family, friends, and his dogs. He enjoys listening to music, playing board games, or watching movies with his family, and snacking on chips and sour candy. If he could have any superpower, he would want to grant people their wishes. He is 9 years old and was diagnosed with cancer. Ezreck’s wish, to go to a theme park in Florida, will soon come true. He can’t wait to visit the waterparks, enjoy all of the rides his little heart desires, and to meet some of his favourite characters! He believes that the most important part of his wish will be spending time with his family.

Make-A-Wish Greyson


9-year-old Greyson loves watching videos on YouTube, playing video games, going for walks, and swimming in his pool with family. He also enjoys spending time with his 2 guinea pigs: Karen and Strawberry. Greyson is living with a neuromuscular disorder. Despite his diagnosis, he is still a positive, and sweet young man. His family is very important to him, which is why his wish is to go to a theme park in Florida with his family!

Make-A-Wish Alyvia


Alyvia is an adorable and vibrant 6-year-old with a heart full of laughter and love. Despite her battle with a brain tumour, Alyvia’s spirit shines brighter than ever, spreading happiness wherever she goes. When she’s not dancing, she’s mastering card games or exploring the world of puzzles. Her favourite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Among the lovable characters, Goofy holds a special place in her heart. It came as no surprise that her most heartfelt wish is to go to a theme park in Florida! She fantasizes about meeting her favourite characters and princesses!

Make-A-Wish Bentley

Age 8

Bentley is an 8-year-old boy who has a dream, which is to go to the beach! He is living with a rare genetic disorder, that can cause seizures. Despite challenges that come along with his diagnosis, he continues to play outside, listen to music, spend time with his family and play with his friends in his sensory room. When dreaming of his wish, he imagines running on the sand and playing in the water. Bentley’s wish is to go to Hawaii! He can’t wait for his wish to come true.

Make-A-Wish Matthew

AGE 10

Matthew is 10 years old and lives with cystic fibrosis. He loves spending time with his family and friends, traveling, and riding his ATV. Halloween has a special place in his heart. Matthew’s wish is to go to a Florida theme park to enjoy the endless Halloween festivities! He can’t wait to see if he can handle going on all the rides at the park - he knows he can! Matthew shared what his wish means to him, “This trip will give me an opportunity to not focus on my disease and make lasting memories with my family.”

Make-A-Wish Avery

AGE 11

Avery was still a toddler when he was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder. Today, 11-year-old Avery is a charismatic, bright, active little boy who fills his family’s world with joy. He loves singing and dancing along to his favourite country tunes, spending time with his best pals (his two dogs, Roxy and Mako), and the freedom of exploration when cruising down trails on a four-wheeler. When Avery learned he was eligible for a wish, he was overjoyed! He wished to visit a theme park in Florida! For Avery, a week with his family - away from hospitals - to create new treasured memories will be life-changing.

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