Sept 29, 2020 | Author: Heather Kotowich

How to buy the perfect pair of jeans for Men

In today’s world, the perfect pair of jeans is something every guy needs in his wardrobe. This versatile staple can be worn every day, in different ways. Fact: A man wears jeans through just about everything— watching the big game, first dates, casual Fridays or hanging with his buddies. But if jeans are so great, why do some guys have such trouble finding their perfect pair? It boils down to not knowing which jeans look good on their body and being confused on styling details. We totally get it… for some guys, buying jeans is necessary but not as fun as wing night! But looking good and feeling good is important - we are here to help you find that perfect pair that you’ll love. 

The first two important details to consider is the rise of jeans and sizing.
The rise is the measurement from the crotch to the top of the waistband, and basic rises in men's jeans are high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise.
High-rise jeans are great for TRIANGLE, BROAD & RECTANGLE body types, hitting at or above the belly button.
Mid-rise jeans are great for ALL body types, considered to be the idea rise hitting right at the belly button.
Low-rise jeans are less common and are worn below the belly button, giving a more casual and relaxed look.

Guide To Rise - Mens Jeans

Sizing for men’s jeans refers to 2 measurements.
As an example – 32W x 36L
32W refers to the waist size of the jean, the measurement around the narrowest part of your natural waist.
36L refers to the inseam of the jean, the measurement straight along your inner leg from crotch to heel.

Apart from these, the most important thing to consider is the fit, organized by the leg shape.

We’ve created this chart on how to discover your body shape to find your own perfect fit.

Skinny – this tighter fit is perfect for slender guys with a RECTANGLE & TRIANGLE body shape. With a low rise and narrow leg, it creates balance and makes shoulders appear broader… not to mention how cool it looks with your favourite rock tee 😊

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Slim – More relaxed than a skinny, this high rise fit skims the body from top to bottom. This leg works well on guys that are narrow in waist and hips, like the BROAD, RECTANGLE & ATHLETIC shapes. Its your modern, no fuss jean.

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Slim Straight – We love this fit for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it looks good on everyone. This mid-rise is designed for many body types, especially OVAL, BROAD & RECTANGLE. The straight leg helps accentuate the shoulders, creating an inverted triangular line. It’s the perfect everyday jean, for every occasion looking great with our button-down shirts.

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Classic Boot –This mid-rise jean suits most body types, especially ATHLETIC, TRIANGLE & OVAL. The boot cut leg balances proportions and elongates his shape, helping to minimize thighs and balance out hips…also perfect to wear with your work or cowboy boots.

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Relaxed Straight – This high-rise jean is great for BROAD, ATHLETIC, & OVAL shapes because they have a looser fit and feels so comfortable. Extra room in the seat and thigh give him unobstructed movement without sacrificing style. Perfect to pair with our hoodies for the ultimate comfy outfit.

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Athletic – This mid-rise jean is perfect for guys who need extra room in the seat and thigh but don’t want a baggy fit in the legs. RECTANGLE, TRIANGLE & ATHLETIC body types suit this leg, giving him a slim look because of the narrow leg opening, that can show off those cool sneakers!

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When shopping for your perfect pair of jeans, try all the fits on – I cannot stress this enough! You could love our slim fits but never know because you have been wearing our relaxed straights for the last 10 years! Every guy has that go-to pair of jeans that fits best but its time to experiment! Keep an open mind and know that you can love more than one! Happy shopping!

Here at Warehouse One, we think jeans say a lot about a person, and that the perfect fit is a personal thing. We are proud to offer more sizes, inseams, and options in fits for each and for everyBODY.

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